Long Island Pool Patios

While Long Islanders are lucky enough to have a North and South Shore.


Long Island Pool Patios - City Wide Paving and Masonry

We also like to have a backdoor shore. Our pools. Is your current pool surrounded by stained concrete. Are there cracks? Or are you planning on installing a pool?

Making an investment like an inground pool should be a one time investment. And part of this investment is choosing a durable surround for your new pool. City Wide Paving and Masonry builds Long Island Pool Patios every year. Long Island Pool Patios can give your pool and yard a very desirable appearance.


Long Island Pool Patios are becoming very popular. Some refer to Long Island Pool Patios as Poolscapes. Incorporating a pool patio with a walkway or outdoor kitchen creates a dramatic visual in any yard.

Have City Wide Paving and Masonry come to your home. We will discuss all options and opportunities available for your yard.

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