Concrete Driveway

If you want to get your concrete driveway re-done then we are here to help.

Cement driveways are not as easy as they seem. Citywide Paving and Masonry knows that you need to make sure that it the concrete is smoothed out and looks great for years to come.

We also make sure that the foundation is properly set. Some inexperienced contractors fail on this crucial step and it makes the driveway prematurely fail.

Citywide knows all the proper steps towards creating a well installed driveway.

Long Island Basement Waterproofing - City Wide Paving & Masonry

Driveways are a large investment and a concrete driveway is no different than an asphalt or paver driveway when t comes to design and install.

Driveways take a lot of abuse, so if they are not installed and designed properly, you may have to redo the driveway before you know it!

But if it is designed properly and made with quality materials, it will last many years longer.

We also pride ourselves on making sure that you are completely satisfied with the service you have received. We are a local owner operated business and we strive to ensure you get the best possible results, every time.

Because our owner is on site for each and every job, the quality of work never suffers! And our driveway installation prices are very reasonable.

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