Long Island Basement Waterproofing

Many Long Islanders have begun utilizing basements as additional living space.


Long Island Basement Waterproofing - City Wide Paving & Masonry

In most cases it actually doubles the square footage of your home. But renovating a basement can become a headache. This occurs if the proper precautions are not taken. You must ensure the basement will stay dry and safe for your family.

The most common issue that arises when converting your basement into living space is moisture problems. Your basement is below ground level. And water always wants to work its way down.

This means, water is working its way down to your basement. Heavy rain conditions, poor property drainage, and plumbing issues can lead to water intrusion. A service we offer helps to remedy this problem. Long Island Basement Waterproofing.

City Wide Paving & Masonry offers Long Island Basement Waterproofing. We have the machinery that can excavate your homes foundation completely.

We then repair any major structural damage to your foundation. And finally, we use tar to seal up the concrete. This decreases its permeability.

If your basement has been giving you headaches, give us a call. We are the Long Island Basement Waterproofing specialists.

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